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"I find it so hard to switch off my brain when I'm feeling anxious"

"I can't stop worrying about the worst case scenarios"

Do these sound familiar? Well, you're not alone. Most of us struggle with anxiety and overthinking at some point in our lives and grow up without appropriate tools to actually address our anxiety.

Therapist approved tools and workbook

Downloadable which you can access forever.

A fraction of the cost of therapy

Culturally relevant content

Take A Peak Inside

The Overthinker's Toolkit

The Overthinker's Toolkit


The Overthinker's Toolkit is a therapist-approved guide to navigating and managing anxious thoughts and feelings.  This toolkit contains:

- 5 unique science backed tools which you can use when you are overwhelmed.

- South Asian focused  daily practices which can be incorporated into your daily routine.

- 16 pages of workbook style journal prompts and exercises that you can keep coming back to anytime you're stuck in an anxious spiral.

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