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Shreya Jain

Counselling Psychologist

Shreya Jain


27 years

Surat, Gujarat.

6 years experience

Educational Qualifications

BA in Psychology from Jai Hind College
MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University (LA)



Interpersonal Relationship Issues
Anxiety Disorders
Body Image/Eating Disorders
LGBTQ+ Concerns
Abuse and Trauma



Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Therapy
Family Systems Therapy
Bodywork/Somatic Therapy



Individuals - INR 2000 (50 minutes)
Couples - INR 2500 (70 minutes)
Family - INR 3000 (70minutes)

All our therapists are well equipped to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and emotional regulation concerns.
Prices noted are for Indian residents and may differ for clients residing abroad.

Additional Information

English & Hindi

In Person, Google Meet

+919426806362 (WhatsApp preferred)

Know Your Therapist

How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?

I was about 7 years old when I fell down and bruised my knee. I remember sitting at the doctors table, really scared of the pain, almost about to cry. That’s when the doctor looked up and asked me to count backwards from 20. As I closed my eyes and finished counting, the doctor informed me that I was all set and could leave. This incident later became a pivotal moment in my life. I became fascinated with the human brain and our bodies and how it it is designed to heal, to always protect us from pain and suffering. I was astonished by how our brain functioned and how we perceive pain and pleasure.When I took up psychology in undergrad, I was curious about understanding the human mind. Today I enjoy and find passion in my work because I am curious about understanding and being with the human beings that show up to therapy, work hard on themselves, and display immense resilience and strength.

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