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Nishi Ravi

Counselling Psychologist

Nishi Ravi


26 years

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

4 years experience

Educational Qualifications

BA in Psychology (Hons) from Christ University, Bangalore
MA in Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue) from the University of Edinburgh



Interpersonal Relationship Issues
Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
LGBTQ+ Concerns
Abuse and Trauma



Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Therapy
Humanistic Therapy
Insight Oriented Approach



Individual - INR 3000 (45 minutes)

*This therapist may offer variable pricing

All our therapists are well equipped to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and emotional regulation concerns.
Prices noted are for Indian residents and may differ for clients residing abroad.

Additional Information


Google Meet, Skype

+91 7550279992 (Whatsapp)

Know Your Therapist

How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?

I entered the therapy field by chance and remain in by choice. My personal journey, genuine hope to better understand people, and need to enter a field where personal and professional engagement is an intertwined symbiosis all led me to pursue psychotherapy on a more professional and specialized level. Therapy chose me, and I choose it every day!

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