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Divya Srivastava

Counselling Psychologist

Divya Srivastava


33 years

Mumbai, Maharashtra

10 years experience

Educational Qualifications

BA in Psychology from Christ College (Autonomous), Bangalore
MA in Counselling Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai



Anxiety Disorders
Grief and Loss
Body Image/Eating Disorders
Workplace Concerns
Abuse and Trauma



Bodywork/Somatic Therapy
Insight Oriented Approach
Client Centered Approach



Individuals - INR 3000 (45 minutes)

*This therapist may offer variable pricing

All our therapists are well equipped to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and emotional regulation concerns.
Prices noted are for Indian residents and may differ for clients residing abroad.

Additional Information

English & Hindi

In Person, Zoom, Google Meet

+91 9930332514 (Whatsapp)

Know Your Therapist

How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?

I was always drawn to studying humanity at a deeper, more personal level, and I was passionate about uncovering what is at the roots of the human experience, what drives us to be who and what we are, and also how all that can be changed if necessary in order to release what is no longer serving our purpose. Therapy helped me when I was struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and that experience snowballed into me wanting to create that impact for others.

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