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Bhagyasri Savyell

Counselling Psychologist

Bhagyasri Savyell


48 years

Bangalore, Karnataka

16 years experience

Educational Qualifications

BA in Psychology, Economics and Sociology from Mount Carmel College
MA in Clinical Psychology from Mumbai University



Interpersonal Relationship Issues
Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Workplace Concerns



Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)
Narrative Therapy
Insight Oriented Approach



Individuals - INR 2000 (50 minutes)
Couples - INR 3500 (100 minutes)
Family - INR 3500 (100minutes)

All our therapists are well equipped to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and emotional regulation concerns.
Prices noted are for Indian residents and may differ for clients residing abroad.

Additional Information

English, Hindi & Kannada

Google Meet

+91 9148310626 (Whatsapp)

Know Your Therapist

How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?

As a teenager, I witnessed an aunt gradually turn into someone we didn’t recognize. On our yearly visits, her behavior seemed strange and incomprehensible. I saw the pain and struggle it caused the family members. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I was baffled by the thin line that separated the so called “Sane” from the” insane “! I learnt that like doctors, there are mental health professionals who are equipped to handle individuals who cross that line.
I decided I wanted to be one of these people who could understand and ease the pain of individuals on both sides of the line!

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