Zahra Diwan 

Location: Mumbai

Work Experience: 2 years

Language(s) They Offer Therapy In: English

Age: 25 years

Hourly Fee: INR 1200

Phone Number: +91 77180 69340

*Only offers online therapy currently

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, SNDT University

Master of Science in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, King's College

 Therapy Style 

Which bucket would your therapy style fit into primarily?

I use Humanistic and narrative approaches.

What’s that defining feature of your approach to therapy?


Holding safe space and care that allows us (the client and I) to explore what they want to.

Humanistic approach: Focuses on a person’s individual nature, rather than categorizing groups of people with similar characteristics as having the same problems. Humanistic therapy looks at the whole person, not only from the therapist’s view but from the viewpoint of individuals observing their own behaviour.

Narrative therapy: Uses the power of stories to help people discover their life purpose. Through narrative therapy, one can begin to identify alternative stories that offer them an opportunity to challenge judgment and explore what other information they are carrying within them.

Disclaimer: If you're in need of an emergency or instant response service, please refer to the following helplines:

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