Therapize Tribes 

The process of seeking out mental healthcare in India is broken, ineffective and outdated. Individual therapy is a critical tool for many, but without cost-effective community-based models of care professional support is still inaccessible to many.


Enter Therapize Tribes.


A series of expert-led, micro focused, community driven support groups designed to make taking care of your mental health easier than you ever thought it could be.


These are peer to peer support groups moderated by experts coupled with daily exercises to keep you accountable enable you to reach your mental wellness goals.

Anxiety Tribe | Starting Feb 6th, 2021

A 4 week virtual group session facilitated by our leading therapist, Anagha Bhave

Curated resources to help you engage with your mental health everyday for a month.

Bi-weekly journal prompts to better help you get in tune with yourself.


4 1-1 ½ hour virtual, expert-led support group sessions to be held on:

  • Feb 6: Understanding Anxiety

  • Feb 13: Building Awareness

  • Feb 20: Befriending Anxiety

  • Feb 27:  Maintaining Stability

Sessions will be held from 11am to 12pm

Fee: INR 2000 per individual

Size: Capped at 20 participants

Who Will Benefit From The Anxiety Tribe?

People who are currently struggling with anxiety but are not in crisis mode yet.

People who want to get professional help and be a part of a safe space with others struggling with the same issues.

People who want to unlearn unhealthy habits relating to anxiety and be held accountable.

People who want to find a safe space where they can show up fully with the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

People who are looking for support but find therapy too expensive and scary.

Disclaimer: If you're in need of an emergency or instant response service, please refer to the following helplines:

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