Anagha Bhave 

Background & Experience

Age: 30 years

Location: Nagpur 


Qualifications: Master of Education in Counselling Psychology; Mental Health Track, Columbia University

Work Experience: 4 years

type of therapy

Individual (Adults) 

 Only Offering Online Therapy 

English, Hindi and Marathi 

Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional / Physical Abuse, Family Conflict, Body Image, Inattention, Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, Substance Abuse, Addictions and Compulsions, LGBTQ Issues, Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation, Postpartum Depression, Burnout and Work-related Stress

INR 1000-2000 (with a sliding scale)



therapy offered in



Dash Line
She has helped me find my voice, and I’m discovering the comfort in working on myself and becoming a more comfortable version of myself

It is great working with her. She has helped me understand things about myself and guides me to deal with them step by step

Therapy with Miss Bhave has been very enlightening so far. Every session my head feels clearer than before I attended it. I've been validated for my fears and I trust her and feel very comfortable letting her know what I struggle with