Transform your relationship with your anxiety with our 21 day Anxiety Support Group led by an expert at half the cost of individual therapy along with exclusive access to anxiety related resources everyday.


Our next cohort will start soon and you will get access to a total of 4 sessions every Saturday from 11:00AM-12:30 PM--4 sessions for INR 2499 along with the resources.

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What will you get by joining this support group?

4 small, therapist led, interactive group sessions to understand and manage your anxiety better

Video recaps and downloadable worksheets to help you invest in your mental wellness everyday

Bi-weekly journal prompts to support you in re-defining your relationship with anxiety

Access to a curated, confidential community of other people who have experienced anxiety 


Meet your Therapist

Hi, I'm Anagha Bhave. I'm a counselling psychologist with a masters in Counselling Psychology from Columbia University, New York.

I've worked with countless adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety and I truly believe that support groups are a great way to feel less isolated in your experience. The knowledge that others have gone through something similar and can share what helps is quite powerful.


In addition to learning specific strategies and coping skills, support groups are also a great way to build a sense of community especially at a time when we aren't able to go out and get belonging elsewhere.

People who have been a part of this support group before say...

Being part of this support group helped me feel less alone, and the aspect of healing together as a group was beautiful. It was empowering to hear other people’ stories and coping techniques. Anagha was wonderful and very kind, and I’d recommend this to anyone that feels alone in their heads!
I looked forward to every session, there were so many experiences and emotions to unpack and deal with. I loved how comfortable I felt in opening up and also how validating the safe space felt like.

Who will benefit from this support group?

People who are currently struggling with anxiety but are not in crisis mode yet.

People who want to get professional help and be a part of a safe space with others struggling with the same issues.

People who want to unlearn unhealthy habits relating to anxiety and be held accountable.

People who want to find a safe space where they can show up fully with the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

People who are looking for support but find individual therapy too expensive and scary right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can’t make it to every live session?

While we do send recaps of each session in the following week, we highly recommend that you aim to make it to every session. We don’t record the sessions to respect the confidentiality of our participants, and have designed each session to build on your learnings from the last session. Through this support group, we want to support you in making your mental health a priority by tending to it regularly. However, in case any personal emergencies come up, we totally understand.

Will I be able to ask the therapist personal questions?

All our live sessions are extremely interactive, and there will be several opportunities for you to bring up your personal experiences with anxiety

What do I need to be a part of this support group?

The support group will be conducted in English, so we require all participants to be fluent in English. Additionally, since all live sessions will be conducted online access to a phone/laptop and internet connection are necessary.

Why is this group called The Anxiety Party?

We believe your anxiety is not a source of shame, and that you investing time in re-defining your relationship with anxiety is actually a celebration. This group will not 'fix' you, we do not believe that you need fixing. We believe you need a community that gets it, and regular touch points with a trained expert and we're here to give you that.