Starting Out 

Wondering what are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind before exploring therapy?


Don't worry we've got you covered.

 One size doesn't fit all 

The rapport you build with your therapist depends on many factors - your circumstances, your healing journey, your personality, and the like.

A therapist highly recommended to you by someone you trust, may not work for you.


A therapist who may have been super helpful to you in the past, may not work for you a second time around.

 Give the process a little time 

Know that your therapist has met hundreds of strangers just like you, and has been trained to work with whatever feeling you bring up.

Give yourself about 3-4 sessions to warm up to your therapist, and then if you feel like you’re reaching a dead-end, look for someone else.


Invest the time to find the right therapist, though it might be frustrating, it will go along way.

 Ensure clear communication 

Your goals from therapy

Their approach to therapy

Their style as a therapist

The length of each session

Number of sessions you may need

Before you decide to try out a new therapist it is important to talk to them about:

 Watch out for red flags 

Your therapist is consistently talking more than you​. 

Your therapist is exhibiting inappropriate behaviours (sexual or otherwise).

Your therapist has violated confidentiality.

Disclaimer: If you're in need of an emergency or instant response service, please refer to the following helplines:

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