Srishti Banerjee 

Background & Experience

Age: 26 years

Location: Bangalore


Qualifications: Master of Science in Mental Health Studies, King’s College London

Work Experience: 3 years

type of therapy

Individual (Adults) 

Offering Online Therapy only

English, Hindi and Bengali 

Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional / Physical Abuse, Family Conflict, Body Image, LGBTQ Issues, Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation, Burnout and Work-related Stress

INR 750-1500 (with a sliding scale)



therapy offered in



Dash Line
She is extremely sweet. I love that she tries to relate to my issues/stories which makes it easier to open up. She has always provided me with solutions or steps that were easy to take. There was no rush and she makes me feel comfortable!

This is my first time taking counselling/therapy. And I am really glad to have found Srishti and clicked with her almost immediately. The sessions have definitely helped me a lot. And I love the progress I'm making. I would like to thank and appreciate Srishti for everything! :)

She really helped me identify the origins of my negative thoughts and self-deprecating patterns. She is patient and considerate while also being proactive with the solutions she offers. Her method has by far proved to be very efficient for me and I have noticed positive changes in my responses to stressful situations and how I deal with negative emotions.

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