Sonakshi Gandhi 

Location: New Delhi

Work Experience: 7 years

Language(s) They Offer Therapy In: English and Hindi

Age: 30 years

Hourly Fee Range: INR 1500 - 2500​

Phone Number: +91 9811637487

*Only offers online therapy currently 

Master of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, Institute of Human Behavior & Allied Sciences

 Therapy Style 

Which bucket would your therapy style fit into primarily?

I work primarily with the Cognitive Behavioural school of thought. I also include elements of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance based methods in my work with clients.

What’s that defining feature of your approach to therapy?

My therapy approach is geared towards helping clients navigate through life transitions, clinical problems such as anxiety and depression, and relationship issues using their own resources as well as adopting healthy coping skills and belief systems. I believe that each individual has inherent strengths and abilities to cope with problems, which, with appropriate guidance and facilitation, can go a long way in building resilience and fostering personal growth.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Targets psychological problems by looking at learned patterns of unhelpful behaviour. Helps better understand and identify distorted thoughts and develop a better sense of confidence in one’s own abilities.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Teaches people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others. It has four key components: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Supports clients in learning to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with their inner emotions and, instead, accept that these deeper feelings are appropriate responses to certain situations that should not prevent them from moving forward in their lives. Clients commit to making necessary changes in their behaviour, regardless of what is going on in their lives, and how they feel about it.

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