Feeling Burnt Out

A support group for anyone who is struggling with burnout right now

  • Started 22 Aug
  • 599 Indian rupees

Service Description

Have you been feeling exhausted and drained for a while? Has that been affecting your relationship with work and your levels of motivation? Then maybe what you're experiencing are signs of burnout. This can be work related, personal life related, let's be honest it can even just be pandemic related. The good news is, you don't have to go through this alone--we have a counselling psychologist and community who can be your pillars through this journey. At INR 150 per session, this support group supports you to build individual support, reach out for further help, and learn coping strategies from participants and a trained counselling psychologist. ✨ Shobhika Jaju, a psychotherapist with a masters in clinical psychology from Mumbai University will be leading this support circle. She is also a certified queer affirmative practitioner. Some of Shobhika's core experience is working with young adults and adults struggling with stress management & mood disorders like depression and anxiety. She says: "Support groups increase the sense of belongingness & help acknowledge that one is not alone in their mental health journey. An individual can draw power, support and comfort from the sheer knowledge that your struggle is not yours alone, and that there are others out there who feel the same way, or who have gone through the same issues. There is solace in the collective sense of one's emotions and thoughts. "

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