Sana Khullar 

Background & Experience

Age: 27 years

Location: Gurgaon


Qualifications: Master of Science in Neuropsychology, University of Bristol

Work Experience: 6 years

type of therapy

Individual (Adults) 

Couples, Family, Marriage

Offering Online Therapy only

English, Hindi

Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional / Physical Abuse, Family Conflict, Body Image, Suicidal Ideation & Self-harm, Grief or Loss, Inattention, Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, LGBTQ Issues, Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation, Postpartum Depression, Trauma, Burnout and Work-related Stress

INR 1500-2500 (with a sliding scale)



therapy offered in



Dash Line
I always had a negative attitude towards my life and the way I was, but when I started taking therapy from Sana she just opened my eyes made me see the light in the darkness. She taught me so many lessons about life that I could have never dreamed of, going from multiple anxiety attacks to having none. She had helped me all the way by not only as my therapist but as a friend. I have no idea what would my life would be if it wasn’t for her showing me the good in life. I’ll always be thankful to her my entire life. I am happy now and that is all because of her and her only.
It’s great taking sessions from her, my anxiety has reduced and I have gotten less depressed. She is very kind and she does her best to be there. She’s so good and has helped me a lot. I’m glad I got in touch with her. I feel better.

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