Nishi Ravi 

Background & Experience

Age: 24 years

Location: Chennai


Qualifications: Master of Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue), University of Edinburgh

Work Experience: 3 years

Dash Line
Hi there! I'm Nishi Ravi, a psychotherapist on the Therapize platform. I primarily work with individuals aged 18 and over, through an insight-oriented, non-diagnostic, collaborative, and relational manner. Some areas we navigate together may include your unconscious patterns of behaviour, past experiences, culture, and self-narratives. Prior to starting work together, I'll send over a comprehensive counselling agreement (consent, confidentiality, safety, and ethics always take priority)! Given the exploratory and non-prescriptive approaches I use, I recommend a minimum of 10-12 weekly sessions (each ~ 50 minutes). Feel free to reach out to me either via email, call, or WhatsApp with any questions or concerns you have - both TherapizeIndia and I hope to make your process of starting therapy as safe and supportive as possible!

type of therapy

Individual (Adults) 

Offering Online Therapy 


Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional / Physical Abuse, Family Conflict, Body Image, Grief or Loss, LGBTQ Issues, Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation, Postpartum Depression, Trauma, Burnout and Work-related Stress

INR 2000-3000 (with a sliding scale)



therapy offered in



Dash Line
Nishi responded almost immediately which itself was very reassuring. We had 21 sessions together, and she was warm and empathetic, and a great listener. I found her very well-read, and she also offered very unique and personalized resources. Her patience, professionalism, and compassion made for a great experience, especially since Im a first-timer to therapy. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking!

I’m really grateful that this service exists, I recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you and I hope you’re able to do a lot more!

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