Manvi Sharma 

Background & Experience

Age: 27 years

Location: Remote 


Qualifications: Master’s in Applied Psychology (Specialization in Clinical Psychology), University of Delhi

Work Experience: 3 years

Dash Line

Hello there, I am Manvi!

I am a therapist and I'm a part of the Therapize platform. I  work with individuals above 18 concerns/experiences ranging from emotional difficulties, relationship with self and others especially on drawing and working through boundaries, grief, loss and complex trauma. I believe Mental health concerns are drawn from structural factors and are deeply systematic in nature. Therapy process with me is collaborative and non-diagnostic. Every client enters therapy with a ‘problem’ story, as a therapist my work is aimed at exploring and strengthening multiple/alternative stories based on the values and skills an individual possesses/explores.

If you are interested in pursuing therapy with me, we begin the process with a short screening call along with filling in a Counselling agreement ensuring your confidentiality and for me to get some basic details about you. 

I'm here to support you through your journey of seeking therapy. No problem or question is too small, and I am currently available to support you on

type of therapy

Individual (Adults) 

Offering Online Therapy 

English, Hindi 

Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional / Physical Abuse, Body Image, Grief or Loss, Trauma, Burnout and Work-related Stress

INR 1500 (with a sliding scale for students)



therapy offered in



Dash Line
It's my first time trying therapy and till now the experience has been really good. My therapist has allowed someone as socially awkward as me to feel comfortable enough to ramble about everything and anything. I think our weekly sessions is one of the things I most look forward to so that's saying something. And I have faith that she will be able to guide me better on the path to recovery :)

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