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Your one stop for all-things mental health.

Are you tired of struggling with your mental health alone? Enter Therapize.

We help South Asians across the globe find the right, culturally relevant mental health-care practitioners and tools for themselves. The process of seeking mental healthcare is broken, and we're here to fix it. 


 What makes us different? 

We understand that mental healthcare looks different for every person, and we're not interested in one size fits all solutions. Our free therapist match-making tool gives you 3 curated therapist matches, based on your needs, right to your inbox within 5 minutes.

Don't believe us? Listen to our community


"I never thought it would be this easy for me to reach out to a therapist and find a non-judgemental, supportive therapist so quickly. My therapist has helped me work on my toxic behaviour patterns and develop more compassion for myself than I ever thought possible. I recommend Therapize to everyone I love!"


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Stay Updated 

We're constantly sharing mental healthcare resources with our community. Tap, like and follow to get regular updates on South Asian mental healthcare related topics.

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