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Riddhima Chawla

Counselling Psychologist

Riddhima Chawla


30 years

Delhi, NCR

8 years experience

Educational Qualifications

BA in Psychology Honors from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University
MSc in Counselling Studies from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland



Interpersonal Relationship Issues
Anxiety Disorders
Body Image/Eating Disorders
Workplace Concerns
Children's Concerns



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Solution Oriented Approach
Client Centered Approach



Individuals - INR 1500 (60 minutes)
Couples - INR 3000 (60 minutes)
Family - INR 1500 per person (60 minutes)

All our therapists are well equipped to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and emotional regulation concerns.
Prices noted are for Indian residents and may differ for clients residing abroad.

Additional Information

English & Hindi

Zoom, Whatsapp

+91 9717499079

Know Your Therapist

How did you know you wanted to be a therapist?

All of my life, others came to me for advice, encouragement and upliftment so it gave me an understanding that this could be it!
Also a desire to make life better for people, an unsatiable curiosity about the subject, and an opportunity to understand myself by listening to and analysing the thoughts and actions of others.

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