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What our clients have to say

Our session with Therapize was such a helpful one. I am very glad that we opted for it. It was clear to me that the team was invested in it. I am all for us to do a similar one in couple of months from now. Will think about a subject that might be as interesting as this for next time"

We were glad to see the team's engagement with the session–it was unlike what we’ve seen before with other well-being focused workshops. I continue to be confident that this is an excellent set-up for us going forward. We would love to pursue doing a session every quarter–it was pretty noticeable that people enjoy this interactive format

Therapize Floats: Support Group Sessions

Provide your team a space to dig deep to work through problems and grow, and acquire tangible methodologies to implement in day-to-day routines.

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Expert Care: 1-1 Therapy

expert care 1-1 therapy