Dr. Shazia P

Background information

Age: 28 years

​Location: Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh

Qualifications: Ph.D in Social Psychology, Aligarh Muslim University

​Work Experience: 5 years

Fees -


(Fee is inclusive of taxes)

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Practical Details

What languages do I offer therapy in?

English and Hindi

What are specific issues I can help with?

Anxiety, Emotional regulation, Relationship conflict, Family conflict, Burnout and work-related stress, Depressive thoughts, Divorce, Suicidal ideation, Grief and loss, Adjustment concerns, Academic stress

What kind of clients do I work with?

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Marriage Therapy, Family Therapy

What does a first session with you look like?

The First therapy session with me would look like as below:

Introduction: You’ll most likely to spend the first part of your therapy session getting to know one another. Your relationship with your therapist is just any other—it may work best if you’re able to connect with one another on a personal level initially. You don’t have to leap into your deepest darkest secrets immediately—feel free to talk through your favorite book or the movie you saw last week as a way to get a sense of how the two of you will communicate with one another.

Establishing Needs: Your therapist will need to know why you’re seeking therapy. She may ask what kinds of needs or issues you’d like to address in your treatment together as well as what you’ve done to manage your mental health in the past. She’ll want to talk through what worked and what didn’t to get an understanding of how best to help you.

Asking questions: As secondary part of your therapy session, your therapist might ask following questions to have a better understanding of your needs and expectations from therapy:
Have you attended therapy in the past?

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