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Your relationship with your body affects every part of your life. Then why do so many of us grow up without a model of what a healthy relationship with your body can look like?  How do we begin doing the messy, uncomfortable work of sitting with our bodies, and gently moving away from hating them?

We don't believe that you need to be fixed, or that you need to loudly proclaim your love for your body everyday. We do believe that a nurturing, warm community led by an expert makes space for you to begin exploring your body-image anxieties and becoming more intentional in how you engage with your body every day. Showing up for yourself helps you show up for everyone else you care about.

We've designed a 14 day body-image focused support group unlike any other in South Asia. With daily touchpoints, live sessions, video and audio guides, and journal prompts this group is ideal for any South Asian identifying woman between the ages of 18-35 who wants to cultivate a more nourishing relationship with her body.


What will you get by joining this support group?

2 virtual, therapist led group sessions to create a safe space where you can get in touch with your body, and access tools which will help you cultivate a healthier relationship with it.

Weekly video recaps and affirmations to help you intentionally engage with your body.

Daily journal prompts to support you in being more present with your body.

Access to a confidential, safe space where you are supported by an expert and an intimate community of women that just get it.

By the end of these 14 days, you would have...

Understood the cultural and societal triggers for your body-image anxieties

Built awareness around patterns of behaviour that trigger your dislike for your body

Developed a unique toolkit to help you understand your relationship with your body better.

Created habits and rituals that can help ground you when you are struggling with your body image

Meet your Therapist

Hi, I’m Ridhi Golecha. I’m a psychologist specializing in eating psychology, weight management, and body image coaching with over 8 years of experience. With a masters in Applied Psychology from Nottingham Trent University and a certification in mind body eating, I’m here to you support you in transforming your relationship with your body. 


Binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting, body image anxiety, digestion issues, chronic fatigue, sleep issues—I work with all these and more and especially in the South Asian context, I’ve seen that guilt and shame are a big part of most women’s relationships with their bodies. Together, we will understand where your body image anxieties are stemming from so you can stop wasting more precious years of your life and free up your mind space to start living the life you were always meant to live

People who have been a part of our support groups before say...

Being part of this support group helped me feel less alone, and the aspect of healing together as a group was beautiful. It was empowering to hear other people’ stories and coping techniques. 
I looked forward to every session, there were so many experiences and emotions to unpack and deal with. I loved how comfortable I felt in opening up and also how validating the safe space felt like.

Who will benefit from this support group?

Women who feel like their body image anxieties are getting in the way of them living their lives


Women who have been feeling stuck in their bodies and are looking for a safe, confidential space to re-define their relationship with their bodies

Women who want to understand where their self image related issues are stemming from, with professional support

Women who want to unlearn unhealthy habits relating to body image anxiety and be more intentional about their bodies


Women who are tired of hearing about 'self love', and 'body positivity' and instead are looking to cultivate a healthier relationship with their bodies without the pressure of loving yourself constantly

Frequently Asked Questions

What time and date will the live sessions take place?

There will be two 1.5 hour live, virtual, expert-led support group sessions which will be held on the following Saturdays from 11AM to 12:30PM:

  • Apr 17: Building awareness around your body-image triggers
  • Apr 24: Developing a toolkit to support you with body image anxieties

What happens if I can’t make it to every live session?

While we do send recaps of each session in the following week, we highly recommend that you aim to make it to every session. We don’t record the sessions to respect the confidentiality of our participants, and have designed each session to build on your learnings from the last session. Through this support group, we want to support you in making your mental health a priority by tending to it regularly. However, in case any personal emergencies come up, we totally understand.

Will I be able to ask the therapist personal questions?

All our live sessions are extremely interactive, and there will be several opportunities for you to bring up your personal experiences with body image.

What do I need to be a part of this support group?

The support group will be conducted in English, so we require all participants to be fluent in English. Additionally, since all live sessions will be conducted online access to a phone/laptop and internet connection are necessary.

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