Anagha Bhave 

Location: Nagpur

Work Experience: 4 years

Language(s) They Offer Therapy In: English, Marathi and Hindi

Age: 30 years

Hourly Fee Range: INR 1000 - 2000​

Phone Number: +91 9322394363

*Only offers online therapy currently 

Master of Education in Counselling Psychology; Mental Health Track, Columbia University

 Therapy Style 

Which bucket would your therapy style fit into primarily?

I largely work with Cognitive Behavioural therapy and supportive therapy. I cater to a wide clientele in my private practice – my clients range from the elderly to children, all from varied backgrounds. This is why I prefer to keep my style eclectic for the most part.

What’s that defining feature of your approach to therapy?


My work is largely based on helping clients unlearn their unhealthy patterns and develop self-acceptance for who they authentically are. I believe insight and willingness to engage in self-work are the biggest factors that determine the possibility of change.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Targets psychological problems by looking at learned patterns of unhelpful behaviour. Helps better understand and identify distorted thoughts and develop a better sense of confidence in one’s own abilities.

Supportive therapy: Focuses on improving, reinforcing, or sustaining a client’s physiological well-being or psychological self-esteem and self-reliance.

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