Aarathi Kamath 

Location: Mangalore

Work Experience: 7 years

Language(s) They Offer Therapy In: English, Kannada, Konkani and Malayalam

Age: 30 years

Hourly Fee Range: INR 1500-3000

*Only offers online therapy currently

Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Osmania University

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, Jain University

 Therapy Style 

Which bucket would your therapy style fit into primarily?

I follow integrated approach of therapy combining evidence based therapeutic techniques tailored according to the client’s diagnosis or needs.

What’s that defining feature of your approach to therapy?


I equip the clients with techniques to reduce distress. I help them gain insight into patterns that sustain problems and replace them with healthy ones. I believe in educating clients on the science behind their problems and how therapeutic techniques help them. This aids in empowering clients to work independently after therapy and reduce chances of relapse.

Disclaimer: If you're in need of an emergency or instant response service, please refer to the following helplines:

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