Finding trust-worthy mental healthcare support should not be another source of anxiety in your life.



A lack of due diligence and loose guidelines regarding qualifications can make finding a high quality therapist in India incredibly challenging.

This is where therapize comes in. 

In India, we have one trained mental health specialist for every 3,00,000 Indians. 

 What makes us different? 

All therapists on this platform have been vetted via a structured set of criteria. 

Completion of Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology / Counselling as a minimum 

Highest regard for confidentiality and adherence to strict ethical standards

Completion of relevant certification, if offering niche services 

We surveyed 500+ potential therapy seekers to understand the barriers to accessing mental healthcare today.



Feel that there is a lack of reliable information around therapy and therapists.



Believe affordability and a lack of transparency around therapy fees is a big hurdle.  


Say that they rely on personal networks to find a therapist, which can be very limiting. 

Disclaimer: If you're in need of an emergency or instant response service, please refer to the following helplines:

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