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Trust worthy, non-judgemental, specialised therapists available across budgets 

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Why Therapize?

Connect with vetted, trusted and non-judgemental South Asian therapists

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90+ culturally
sensitive experts 

Multilingual counselling and clinical psychologists

60% therapists offer flexible payment options

Hear about our community's experience

"I never thought it would be this easy for me to reach out to a therapist and find a non-judgemental, supportive therapist so quickly.

My therapist has helped me work on my toxic behaviour patterns and develop more compassion for myself than I ever thought possible. I recommend Therapize to everyone I love!"

~ Akriti, 24 

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Join our community in the meanwhile

We're building a community that is a safe space for your most tender, messy, and vulnerable parts. We constantly share new content via blog posts and free resources so stay tuned.

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